Pigs, Presidents, and Porn Stars

There’s a lesson you learn quickly and profoundly growing up on a farm: if you want to catch a pig, you better be willing to get dirty. That lesson runs counter to the media high-mindedness I read today after a Saturday night rally in Pennsylvania where President Donald Trump called journalist Chuck Todd a “sleepy […]

A New Bull Moose?

The prospect of a more-than-two-party presidential election holds a fascination for Americans, probably because such a race is so rare these days. And for the leadership of the national political parties? Their fascination reaches quivering obsession. Why? Because an outsider’s influence can be calamitous. Let’s look at the presidential election in 1912. It was a four-way […]

The Second Coming

American politics has always had its share of bloviates, cynics, and demagogues, but recent years have provoked rhetorical excess not heard since Secession or the Red Scare. The vapid arguments of some and the smug ignorance of others are especially troubling now. Too often positions are mortared with hate and intolerance. I remember Massive Resistance and the […]